What is Peer Review?

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What is Peer Review?

The peer review process is followed by all the journals, after you submit your research paper to them. Whether your work is acceptable, not acceptable, or acceptable with revisions is decided based on its review by other expert researchers in your academic field. Experts assessing your paper are aptly qualified to do this task, and they perform it impartially. We make sure that experts in your research area certify your work to be of high quality so it can be published in the journal you are targeting. Now that you know the answer to what is peer review, check out why you need it.


The major purpose of getting researchers’ work peer-reviewed is to motivate them to meet their discipline’s acceptability standards. The process of peer review also maintains the academic publication standards by preventing the dissemination of such information that is irrelevant, unauthorized, or unacceptably interpreted. Thus, it is important for journals to let your work go through peer review so their credibility remains maintained.

The Peer Review Process


Expert confirmation

The editor sends your work to a group pf peers so they may decide whether your work is worthly of getting published in the journal you have applied to


Effective feedback

Peer reviwers assess, analyse and give their feedback on the quality of the research paper


Contrary to popular

Editor send back the paper with comments and suggestions for changes


There are many variations

You make the required changes and resubmit the paper for publication

Why opt for peer review service?

Considering the criticality and significance of this process of peer review, we suggest every student to be prepared well to face it. A good way to do it is by getting your paper peer reviewed in advance by similar experts. It can let you know about any issues existing in your work. Thus, you get a chance to correct your mistakes or cover the loopholes that may affect its real evaluation after submission to a journal. As you need skilled and highly experienced professionals to do this job, we bring to you such experts who have the required knowledge and background to peer review your paper. Thus, you can be assured of receiving quality comments from them that can prove to be significant while improving the quality of your work.

At Get Published, our peer review service also follows a similar process, wherein a research paper or article is sent to impartial and anonymous peer reviewers for feedback. We follow the double-blinded refereeing system for the sake of transparency. The factors and standards mostly considered by peer reviewers are known to our qualified professionals who are experts in different academic areas. As they have already worked with journals for peer reviewing, they have the necessary knowhow of their publishing criteria and expectations. By availing our peer review service, you can actually take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

Based upon the received feedback, our editors and consultants make necessary changes. We follow all the journal guidelines suggested by your targeted journal, as well as check the authenticity of given facts and propounded theories. We also polish the presentation aspects of your work. Thus, we completely focus on guiding you to remove all flaws in your paper and make it worthy of being accepted on submission. To avail our peer review service, send us an online query or an email us your documents at info@getpublished.co.

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