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Statistical Help - Data Analysis
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Statistical research is an indispensable part of any academic work. When you write a research paper, having accurate statistical data analysis is vital. Our statistical help for research papers ensures that you have all the figures correct and the tests applied perfectly. We support you to choose the right statistical tools at the research design stage, as well as the data collection, analysis and interpretation stage. We understand that professional statistical help is an urgent need when you have to finalize your research paper to submit. Thus, we target to offer accurate and timely services to help you ate every step.

Our team of PhD statisticians will put you ahead of competition and ensure that your paper is not rejected due to flaws in the statistical section. We also provide consultation for research methodology, thus ensuring that the methods you choose are the most viable. Additionally, we help you reach the right conclusion. Within the Methodology chapter, we will guide you to ascertain the data requirements, methods of data collection, and media used for collecting data, as well as the sample size, tools to be used for analysis, and the method of results presentation.

We have a team of professional statisticians who are aware of all types of tests and analytical techniques utilized during the application of statistics in your research work. Our statisticians have a thorough knowledge of all the software programs used for research analysis in various fields. Whether it is a quantitative research or a qualitative one, you need not worry, as our team can handle all sorts of data manipulation. They can effectively strategize on relevant statistical testing procedures that can be applied to analyze your complex data sets and turn them into useful information for your paper.

Here is a list of tools that we mostly use:
  • SPSS
  • SASA
  • AMOS
  • NVivo (for qualitative research)
  • EViews
  • Excel
What we do and how we do it

Apart from this, if your project requires data analysis using some other software, then you just need to inform our statisticians. The process of providing statistical help for research paper is a collaborative one. We interact with our clients and make sure that they understand all the steps being implemented throughout the project with regard to varied statistical procedures. Moreover, we cover the analysis aspect for various fields of specialization like management, science, social science and humanities, finance and banking, marketing, medicine, etc.

Why is it recommended for scholars to take help on data analysis section?

Assistance may be required for this section, because the presentation of analyzed data in a research paper often differs from that done in a full-length thesis or dissertation. You have to present your data and interpret your results without letting your readers get bored or without overdoing a technical analysis. Since we are well versed with the requirements of various journals, we are able to present this section exactly as needed. We even follow their specific requirements with the use of certain tools at various stages. It is critical to comply with a journal’s requirements if you have to get your paper approved at the first go.

The assistance we provide can further be broken up as under:
  • Selecting the most suitable software after a thorough discussion with our research author
  • Understanding and explaining the requirements of your targeted journal
  • Selecting the tests to be applied as per the nature of your research, while giving the rationale for doing so
  • Applying the tests accurately with proper data management
  • Including tables, graphs, and charts to support your analysis and break its monotony
  • Interpreting the test results and presenting them in a simplified manner

Why should you avail our help?

Once the analysis is done, we take feedback from our author and give explanations to you, as required. We ensure that the analysis and inferences are in line with your research design and objectives. In fact, our statisticians understand your research deeply before they start guiding and helping you on the statistical aspect. As we understand that you cannot grasp the subject of statistics within the short time you have, our ultimate goal is to make analytical and interpretational work simpler and precise for you.

Thus, do not be scared of conducting a complex analysis or applying a specific design to your research. For a flawless statistical analysis, just send us the data bank and mention the software to be used. We will assign a team of statisticians who guarantee to complete your work in time. For availing our statistical service or seek more information on it, simply write to us at

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