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Impact Factor Journals

Impact factor reflects

Impact factor reflects the authenticity and popularity of a journal, as it measures the number of times an article published in the concerned journal has been cited. It is a criterion of judging the reputation and quality of a journal. When you want to get your research paper published, you should also go through the list of impact factor journals and choose the one that makes the best fit for your work.


Most researchers want to get their papers published in credible journals that do not publish any personal views, unwarranted claims, and irrelevant information. The impact factor of journals lets them filter out high-quality periodicals. If you compare the impact factor of a journal with another’s, you may get an idea about the journal that has more relative importance.

For all the journals For all the journals indexed in Journal Citation Reports, there is an impact factor calculated every year (impact factor list of journals for 2013: Thus, you always receive the latest information while going through the process of selecting the right journal to get your work published. The information on impact factor also helps you assess the best-suited journal in your area of research.

The impact factor is affected by the following aspects:


Discipline to which an article relates


Review articles that get more citations, as they present a summary of earlier literature


Articles based on methodology that get more citations in some cases


Self-citations that account for more than 10% of total citations

For journals publishing research work in the areas of natural sciences and quantitative social sciences, impact factor becomes more important in order to establish their prestige.


Since impact factor is highly dependent on the discipline, you cannot compare various journals across disciplines. Additionally, it is important to understand that one cannot judge any research institution or individual researcher based on this factor. It is also advisable to consider other factors like the authoritative peer review, number of references, and quality of language to judge the credibility of a research work.

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