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Since 2006, we have helped over 3700 authors get published in journals like Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Hindawi, PubMed, ELK Asia Pacific Journals and many other impact factor journals.

Writing a research paper is a challenge for many scholars and authors. It is not because of their being unsure of the content, but for the reason that they are perplexed by all the guidelines that they need to follow. Creating content for a journal paper is actually a tricky job, as one may not understand or assess what would impress a journal’s editors. This is where we step in, to assist research authors in preparing research papers that are worthy of publication in impact factor journal. We help authors with research paper writing service and follow the right format and style thereby complying with the demands of thejournal.

Get-Published has a team of writers who have many years of experience in research paper writing, coupled with subject matter expertise in their fields of specialization. Our academic writers are familiar with all the popular journal style guidelines that authors need to follow, and they ensure perfect grammar and language in your work. They also help you cite your sources or write references in the correct format suggested by the targeted journal. While developing your research paper, our writers make sure that they create content according to every single writing guideline and standard of your chosen journal. We offer research paper writing service in the areas of management, physics, chemistry, law, computer science, electrical engineering, life sciences, mechanical engineering, biotechnology and many others.

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We also help you prepare a research design that is strong and that covers all the necessary aspects of your study. Your manuscript will have a research design that is informative, convincing, and comprehensive. We additionally state the rationale for choosing the given topic of your research and its importance in your field of study. Apart from this, we analyze the type of studies your targeted journal publishes. This helps in making valuable modifications in your content.

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When you opt for our research paper writing service, we adopt the following procedure:

Our comprehensive process, as described above, ensures that your paper is not drafted in a hurry. Every manuscript is given ample importance and time, and it is revised by professionals with in-depth knowledge in the concerned academic field. In case you need some valid points to be added or changed, we do so at the last step before giving you the final paper.

What makes our team stand apart is the surety that they provide regarding the following aspects:
  • 100% authenticity (plagiarism-free research papers)
  • Accurate grammar and structure
  • Adherence to formatting and citation rules
  • Vocabulary that is suitable for the targeted journal and its readers
  • Flawless tables and illustrations to make your text interesting
  • 100% accuracy of all facts, figures, and other details
  • Well-researched, latest, and reliable references
  • On-time completion and delivery
  • Collaborative process for drafting papers
The details you need to provide us when placing an order for research paper writing service are:
  • Length of the paper in pages or words
  • Required language style (UK, US, or any other)
  • Required font size and style( You can share the journal author guidelines as well)
  • Targeted journal for publication, so we understand the rules to be followed
  • Required formatting style
  • Graphs, illustrations, and tables required with the text
  • A list of references you have used or want us to use
  • Deadline for work completion

In case we need any other information, our team will get in touch with you. Once you decide to take advantage of our research paper writing service, you may reach us easily by sending an online query. You may also email us at

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