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Select the Right Journal

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Before you send your prized research paper or article to an editor, it is important to shortlist the most suitable journal(s). There can be pitfalls if you fail to do so. Most of the researchers mistakenly decide about the kind of publishing framework in which their work fits. A journal, whose audience, subject coverage, or linguistic and presentation style does not match your paper, will never be interested in publishing your work. In fact, once you choose the correct journal, you may even need to make certain modifications to meet the standards expected by the publisher. We assist you in this task by providing several resources and helpful suggestions.

Our professional services take care of the priorities and expectations of varied journals, as well as your publishing needs. Accordingly, we help you select the right journal to which you must submit your paper. We not only consider the above-mentioned factors to select the right journal, but also ensure that it has high reputation and low timeframe required to publish new studies. This helps you with a short waiting time, and you do not have to worry about your work going stale over a long period. In addition to such aspects, we make several other considerations like the following to finalize the right journal for you. Read on to know.

How to Select the Right Journal

If you are confused about selecting a journal in which to get your newly done research published, then consider some of the factors we have described here to help you choose the right journal for your paper:


An important factor is to look for a journal that has already published research work in your subject area and topic. This indicates that even your work might appeal to its authorities.


Another basis to choose the right journal is to check the journal impact factors. The overall value of impact factor tells much about the quality and reputation of a journal. It also lets you know how simple or difficult it is to get your work published in a chosen periodical.


You must consider a journal’s acceptance or rejection rates. This will tell you about the probability of acceptance of your paper.


Take into consideration the length of time a journal takes to accept or reject a paper, as well as to publish it. In case you want to get your work published rapidly, select a journal with faster processing rates.


Make sure whether your chosen journal charges any processing fee for manuscript or image reproduction. If so, be aware of all the involved costs before actually submitting your work in that journal.

It is best to opt for professional guidance to minimize the chances of your paper being rejected by a chosen journal. Our experts can guide you on the best-suited options for the publication of work in your academic area. They have worked with renowned publications and can assess the best of the lot. They give you a good choice of publications based on their analysis, and you may pick up the one that you find most relevant. Talk to our experts now by sending an email at Our professionals can help you make the right choice and then chase it on your way to publishing.

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