Different motives for researchers to strive for publications

Publishing is crucial for research and more often than not, a high priority for most of the researchers. All researchers know that they need to be publishing from time to time to be able to grow in the academia.  There can be different motives behind perpetually striving to publish something or the other. If you need to find out motives for publication so that you can stay motivated for the doing so, then here are some. Find the one that works the best for you:

  1. Become a participant in the conversation: it is only through conversations and talking to others that new ideas come out. When you decide to publish some new development in the area of your study, however trivial or significant it may seem to you, it does open new avenues to ideas, applications and perspectives which may have never been considered before. When you add on to the scientific literature, you provide a wealth of knowledge that can help other researchers to pick up the threads and start a fresh research.
  2. Publish what you don’t accomplish, as well: This may sound bizarre to you, but don’t get confused, it is perfectly ok to publish failed attempts in research as well. Sometimes through failed or accidental research new inventions find way out. When you have the courage to publish failures in research, you are able invite perspectives to the problem in new light. You know as a researcher, that sometimes just a new dimension to the research from a fresh set of eyes is all that is needed to revive a project that may look dead to you.
  3. Weight up your CV: The notion for sharing of ideas is a good approach and a valid and convincing enough motive to strive to get publications, as many as you can. But in addition to that a desire to build up an impressive CV with worthy and impressive publications is a good enough motive too. What is your stage in your career ladder will determine how much emphasis you give to publications helping in making your CV impressive.
  4. Be the first one to talk about it: off course you want to be known in research for being the first one to talk about a new thing. The first mover always gets the advantage and there isn’t any denying that. So don’t wait to write an exquisite research  with many new ideas, rather make it a journey where you are talking about your ideas one by one and creating a pool of  publication contributions.
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