6 Effortless Tips to Write an Effective Introduction Chapter

An introduction leads the reader from general issue to the specific issue by explaining the reason behind the research being conducted. This is usually done by providing information about the topic, stating the hypothesis, question, or research problem, briefly explaining methodological approach, and by describing the structure of the paper. A good introduction chapter

1. Highlights the importance of the topic

2. Presents overview of the research paper

3. Reveals existing gaps between two researches

4. Formulates the research question

5. Outlines the key elements in the study

6. Describes important results

Introduction chapter, consisting few paragraphs, attracts the attention of the reader. Hence, it becomes mandatory to write an exceptional introduction chapter. To write a chapter that stands out from the crowd:

State your research topic

Start with general information regarding the topic and then narrow down to your particular focus. Try not to get into the depth of the topic in the initial stage, just explain your view on the topic. State what you want to find, how will you find it and why the reader should be interested in your findings.

Explain the key terms

To avoid any confusions and give a clarity to the readers, explain the key terms and concepts that you will be using in your research paper. Also, it is advisable to use keywords that describe your topic in the introduction chapter. This make your research paper easier to find by the readers.

Be logical

Maintain consistency in your writing. Maintain logical flow within the chapter ensures a link within the sentences/ paragraphs is established and helps you avoid discussing the same issue multiple times.

Maintain the word limit

Try to avoid lengthy introduction chapter. It should be kept short enough to be readable and grasp the attention of the reader and also be able to explain all the main features of your study area. Check the University/ journal guidelines and maintain the required word count.

Implement recent facts

Depending on the area of your study, implement an extremely interesting and recent facts. Such approach will help you develop an attractive research paper introduction.

Include relevant points

Do not include unnecessary words/ sentences in the chapter. Write points that is relevant to your topic and justifies your study.

It is important to ensure that the beginning of the research paper is interesting and has capacity to engage the reader. This will make sure that your reader will continue to read the entire research paper and learn your finding.

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