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  • Why Writing Research Paper is a Herculean Task

    Often it is said that writing a research paper is a Herculean task! There are loads of activities associated with it. Library research, generating it with a thesis statement, filing bibliography information and what not! There are loads of work to be taken in account while submitting a research paper. Hence all such big projects have to be taken together for compilation which makes this process a little tougher!

    Hence you should find a strategy to make things simpler. Following are the tips which you can follow for the same:

    1. Give yourself adequate time to work. You should give yourself a month to collect the library research and materials. This could be for an average length of 10-20 page paper. Or else, on a minimum ground, give yourself a week.

    *Maintain your schedule by writing each job’s timing to keep track of time. Mention the days you have left and write on the days you are working on. Make yourself alert on what you are doing because people do better task when they are alert.

     *Make schedule of yourself when you go to your school library, when you take notes or write an outline, a draft, or else when you revise the paper.

    2. Start your research with a solid Thesis Statement. Make the process simpler with the following points:

    *Maintain its simplicity

     *Make things look specific. It’s easy to do research on a narrowly selected subject than on a big, massive idea. So select a proper topic.

    *Ensure your idea works. Do a little research in library to make sure there’s enough material available on your topic.

    3. Extract time to familiarize yourself with libraries you use. It’s a good idea to start with one of the reference librarians about where and how to start. This will save your time and help you meet your deadline.

    4. Start taking notes of important tasks to be undertaken

    5 Write down all the bibliography information in proper form for your reference list or bibliography.

    The above mentioned tips would definitely prove to be a helping hand to finish your task on time and without giving any pressure jitters.

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