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  • Why Cover Letters are Important for Journal Submission

    When a researcher decides to send his paper to a journal for publication, he has to send a cover letter along with it. There are some writers who are naturally good at writing cover letters and they are able to draft it perfectly. Those who are not adept at this art will have to understand why a cover letter is so important for journal publications, and the reasons for needing to practice this skill.

    Drafting the cover letter to a high standard is very important. When the editors at the journal receive the proposal from the researcher, the first thing they do is to open the cover letter and read it. This gives them an insight into the quality and value of the research paper. The cover letter itself tells them if the researcher can produce content of a high quality or not.

    There are cover letters which are badly written and the editors get depressed on looking at their quality. They come to the realisation that if the cover letters can be so badly written then there is not much chance of the research paper being any better. So they do not even bother reading the research paper. They straight away reject the material that the authors have given and send them a mail saying that their works have not been accepted in the journals.

    Then there are other cover letters which are well written. The editors get impressed with the letters that explain what the research paper is all about, how they will benefit the discipline that it has focused on and why the journal should accept it for their publication. These points convince the editors that they should read the research papers carefully and possibly even publish them in their next edition.

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