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  • Ways to Edit Your Research Paper Effectively

    During a writing project for your college or university, it is common for the teacher to ask you to switch papers with your classmate so that any mistakes in the paper can be caught by the other person. However, when we are asked to edit our own paper, it can be difficult to catch the mistakes. Here are a few ways in which you can edit your research paper effectively.

    Take a printout of your paper

    Often, you might want to re-read your research paper so as to catch the mistakes in it. However, this can slow down the process of editing your research paper. It would still be helpful in effectively since it would help you mark the problems in your research paper and also to edit it properly.


    It is quite easy to become familiar with your work and, therefore, difficult to catch mistakes in it. Try reading each of the sentences as an individual entity. You can work your way from the last sentence to the first. Then, go through the document the other way round. That way, you would have scanned the entire document properly.

    Think like your audience

    You know the idea behind your research paper, but not everyone knows what it is about. Where you see your work from one perspective, the others would see it from a totally different perspective. How would your parents interpret your work? How would your friends and relatives see your work? More importantly, how would your teacher and your fellow students see your work? While editing your research paper, think like your audience. If you find that your research paper is difficult to understand, then try rewriting it so that your audience can better understand your work. If you find that your work is full of silly mistakes, then you should simply consider correcting them.

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