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  • The mental preparation you need before starting your PhD

    There are technical hurdles when writing a PhD, but there are more psychological hurdles actually. You may have all the tangibles in place when you start writing your thesis. You may also ensure that your topic, supervisor, methodology, equipment, reading material etc., all is perfectly placed but if you haven’t worked around your attitude, there are chances you may not succeed. It is something to ponder over, there can be all solutions found for technical concerns but as a researcher, psychologically if you lack the right attitude, perseverance, patience to actually find the solutions to the technical problems, it won’t be of any use. To get into the right frame of mind for thesis writing, you must ensure:

    Become systematized:  you would have a lot of things to do in the process of doing your PhD and many a times a lot of things to do simultaneously, there would be a lot of individual tasks to accomplish and often researchers are seen getting trapped in those individual tasks that they lose sight of their broader plans and deadlines that they got to meet. Researchers need to be organised and systematic in their planning. It is essential for them as they have to get into a lot of things and it is difficult to accomplish targets and deadlines unless things are better planned.  You would have to develop in yourself the right attitude and along with that the consistency in effort and perseverance to be able to stick onto your plan and the goals that you have set for yourself. For the larger goal of completing your thesis on time, you may have to accomplish several smaller goals. It is a good idea to pen them down in chronological order and put them at a place  that they remain a constant  reminder to help you to not give and remember that you  have to be organised to be successful.

    Get habitual:  All your plans and goals, big or small aren’t of much use if you do not have a discipline that you follow in your life. You need to make work your daily habit and stick to it. You can do this b y first explaining your mind that your thesis is nothing different or less than a full time job. Whatever time span that you set for yourself to do your thesis work on everyday basis, stick to it like how you would go to your full time job on everyday basis. Being answerable to only yourself makes it difficult here and people tend to give convincing excuses to themselves but don’t get into that trap and ensure that you have trained your mind to be disciplined in your work habits.



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