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  • Some easy part time job options for doctoral students

    In a long journey of doctoral studies, a stage of such dilemma does occur where   the inflow of money isn’t just sufficient. With the shortage of time and the kind of commitments that a PhD demands, there isn’t much time or energy that is left for contributing in another job all together. But all doors aren’t closed and there still are options for PhD scholars to find part time job options that can help them to face the money related issues in a PhD programme in an easier way.

    Some of the most commonly found part time jobs for PhD students are:

    With this and many more options that are available, research scholars can smoothly handle the problem of money that they would be facing in their long and demanding PhD journey. So, what are you waiting for?

    6 responses to “Some easy part time job options for doctoral students”

    1. Iara says:

      Freelancing in media is suitable option!

    2. Iara says:

      Providing coaching is the best option.

    3. rayesha says:

      Small Teaching Assignments is the best option.

    4. Ipshita says:

      doing a job along with PhD is next to impossible in any case, be it a part-time or full time job. It is not POSSIBLE. PhD is itself a full time job while students find extremely time consuming but not for those whose dream has been pursuing PhD.

    5. Roopa says:

      I guess small teaching assignments is the best thing as it also enhances your knowledge

    6. nanki says:

      i am already working as a freelance writer, it definitely helps.

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