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  • Prerequisites for Getting a Book Published

    Getting a book published can be quite a daunting task and requires a lot of patience. After the author has completed writing the book, he should try to contact either an agent or a publisher. The agent and the publisher are the two chief protagonists concerned in the business of publishing books. An agent has a tie-up with the publishing house or publisher and is somebody who can send the book to the press.

    The author must be well read and should attempt at convincing the agent about his book. Once convinced, the agent is surely going to take it forward, propose it to the publisher and get it printed. The agent also goes through the book and decides whether it is worth publishing. If he likes the book and gets it printed through the publisher, the author should be ready to pay him his share on how much he earns from the book after it releases.

    If the author is unable to find an agent or other agents reject him, he should not lose heart and contact a publisher directly. The publisher is the company which has editors and selects the ‘to be published’ books. The author should come up to the editors and submit his copy. To get his copy read, he needs to put forward to them a ‘query letter’ which gives an idea about the book. The editors read the copy only if they like that idea.

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