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  • Is quality more important than quantity?

    Yes quality is more important than quantity. Hundreds of pages of irrelevant information is of no use when the quality of the content is bad. Many of the students fail to understand that meaningful and quality information is required to obtain better grades and volumes of bad quality data can lead to rejection of dissertation or thesis. Students normally spend most of their time collecting information from various sources and add it to their thesis. They must take little care in collecting such information. They must cross verify twice whether the source is reliable or not, whether the content is relevant or not and other information. Quality does not mean just data but also includes the analysis parts. Students need to discuss with the mentor or supervisor while conducting some statistical analysis. They should not add some statistical tools just for the sake of impressing the evaluators. They must know why they are using such a statistical tool and why only that particular tool is required in this analysis and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using that particular statistical tool.


    Students fail to understand the results of plagiarism. Some students, in the final hours just copy some information from old thesis and paste it directly or some even re use the same old thesis or information from other sources. This is also called bad quality report and will lead to rejections and failures. A good quality report needs to have meaningful and relevant information and analysis. The student must be in a position to defend and explain the relevancy of the content and tools used in his study. Mere quantity of report will not lead to better grades. Too little quantity of data is also not safe. so quality plays a major role in the success of thesis or dissertation preparation.

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