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  • How to Read and Summarize a Journal Article

    While summarizing a journal article, you would need to highlight and present a focus of the complete research study. This will give your readers an insight into the focus of the article. Writing and summarizing a journal article is a task that is common among researchers and students alike. Here is how you should read and summarize a journal article.

    Read the Abstract

    You would need to read the abstract of the journal article that you are about to summarize first. Abstracts are usually no more than a hundred words or so and are usually included in academic journals. An abstract provides you with the key points required for writing the summary of a journal article. This will also allow you to quickly scan the journal and will also let you know whether the article is really from your field of study or not. If your article summary is similar to the abstract, then it implies that you have done poor research. A summary, on the other hand, would provide you with additional details that abstracts do not provide.

     Understand the Context of the Research

    Firstly, find out why the topic is relevant to you and whether or not the article has been written as a response to the other articles or not. By this, you would know what to include in your summary and what not.

    Skip to the Conclusion

    Understand where the arguments and the complicated outlines of your summary will be leading your readers first. You should, therefore, skip ahead to the conclusion. Then, it will be much easier to write your summary if you read the conclusions of the writer first. Only if the research is still applicable to you, would you need to read it entirely. Identify the main argument in the journal article first before you could start summarizing it.

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