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  • How to design the process for writing your research document?

    Writing the research paper requires you to have a certain process to follow. The way you design and follow the process is important as that determines the time span you would take to complete the document and helps you to identify the route you would take for the completion of your document.  Make sure that before you start to write the paper, you must develop a process so that you have the guidelines and the route map. What are the basic tips to follow while you develop your research process are:

    Keep the focus on the present: When you are developing your process, try to keep the focus on the present and the resources and constraints that are present in that time frame. You need to design the process in a step wise fashion to make sure that all the milestones are hit and also completed in a proper manner. When you are in the process development stage, keep in mind you past accomplishments in context to research paper writing so that you precisely know what works for you and what the problem areas are for you.  You may need to brainstorm on the problem areas to come out with anticipated solutions that will work for you.  This stage has the element of subjectivity for all as it isn’t necessary that the same thing or situation may be a strength for all. It may also be a deterrent for some.  Doing an in-depth analysis of your past experiences would for instance tell you that are you at ease writing the paper straight away or  unless you have the outline  drafted for you , you feel stuck mid-way.  Take your own call here.

    Make it as detailed as possible: Try to keep your process as detailed as possible so that after each stage you know what has to follow. Know that when you have the clarity and know what has to come next, automatically your anxiety level is lesser and you are able to concentrate more on what you have to do now because mentally you are prepared and relaxed about the next level.

    You may feel that developing the process is a time involving job and it is unnecessary as it may add to the time the task is going to take, but always remember that some quality time spent in the process creation makes the pace of the entire task pick up significantly and reduces the bottlenecks to a great extent.

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