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  • Emotions and Research, how to deal with them?

    Research is hard and it burns you out.  Statistics reveal that a large number of scholars, pursuing PhD, quit half way itself. The reasons can be many, but the majority leaves because of frustration with their thesis and research challenges.

    There is something that you must know before you step into a doctoral program. Some key things to remember all the time are:

    Following these tips would help you to deal with emotional challenges that crop in a PhD programme, in a much better way.

    4 responses to “Emotions and Research, how to deal with them?”

    1. rayesha says:

      This is very useful to choose between Emotions & Research.

    2. gayatri says:

      The most indispensable emotion you need during a PhD is passion for research. If you are passionate about what you want to achieve, no hurdle can stop you.

    3. Neha says:

      Nice! you have explored research from a different aspect – emotions!

    4. zeehan says:

      I was just on the verge of dropping my research. Thanks for the motivation.

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