Points to Remember Before Publishing an E-Book

Are you bored with traditional books and want to switch on some new way of sharing and gaining knowledge? Well! Then E-book is the best option to serve your rationale. Writing an E- Book is not much challenging and exigent but publishing it becomes definitely a troublesome job and that too if it is done without any expert guidance. Publication houses are there to solve your problem and help you in publication; still some points are essential for you to be remembered before publishing your E-Book and getting along with your publication segment–

  • Know your probable readers – Unless you know your reader, purpose of E-Book and its publication will never be achieved. Yes, of course, before writing you should decide this, but it should be clear to you at the time of publication too, so that you can choose a right platform for publishing your thoughts.
  • Fix up your platform – A predetermined platform is necessary to build up a strong and everlasting relationship between buyers and seller of the EBook. So, that the buyer can share their feedback and can post their comments. Twitter and Blogs are the best platform for publishing your E-Book where you can get branded from Hashtags, you can find similar kind of publishers and same interest of readers too, guest posting on other blogs also increases traffic towards your blog and increases the visibility of the same.
  • Format your E-Book before publishing – If you are expert enough in formatting you can do this by yourself or else you can hire an expert E-Book formatting service for the purpose. As, a formatted E-Book will get more views and readability as compared to non formatted one.
  • Check your cover page – First view and first impression go through your cover page which should be reflective enough to speak up about your book and attract readers equally.

Hence, aforesaid points should be remembered before publishing an E-Book.

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