No-Brainer Ways to Amplify Your Journal Article Writing

Writing an article for a journal can be a frustrating process unless you know how to write it. No matter how many times you write it, you would have to give it your hundred percent. Nevertheless, it is important that you have a record of publishing several journal articles if you want your academic career to improve. Here are some ways to amplify your journal article writing.

Say something new

If your journal article is not novel or does not say something new, it will not be accepted by the journal editors. Successful academic write-ups position themselves as being within the existing research works by academicians. They also build on existing knowledge. You should never err in this area unlike newbie authors. If you do, then it is high time you began reading articles on how to amplify your journal article writing. You should, however, not misuse the existing work to help build your argument.

Edit your work extensively

If you intend to get your work published once more, you should not remain complacent. Go through your work once and then, edit your work thoroughly. If you are unable to do that on the computer, then print out the document and edit it extensively. Fix pages that are highly confusing. If you have used passive voice anywhere, make sure you remove it. You should consider giving yourself time to edit the entire work.

Reference strategically

In an academic paper, your sources of credibility are your references. It goes without saying that you need to rely on previously written research works (you can forget standalone sites such as “Wikipedia”). Refer the original sources and only those articles that have been cited widely. You could even cite certain articles from the very journal you are about to write for. It will remind the editors of the journal that their publication is important to you.

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