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  • 5 steps to become a popular academic author

    Just getting published does not ensure that you will get success as an author. You have to choose a publication which has ample readership and will launch your work effectively. The objective of publishing a research paper is to gain maximum exposure for your scholarly work. To ensure that you attain your goal, keep in mind the following points:

    Choose journals with Impact Factor:

    The impact factor of a journal gives an idea about the frequency with which the reports/papers published therein get cited by research authors. The higher the impact factor, the better the reputation of the journal amongst the academic fraternity.


    Assess the readership:

    Reaching a wide readership is not enough; you have to target a reader base that is relevant and will find your work meaningful. Professional and academic journals are published keeping in mind a niche readership that will appreciate the research work published by them.

    Study the requirements of journals:

    Once you have shortlisted the journals, get information about their publication policies and guidelines. Present your work in a format that is accepted by the target journal.

    Get your report peer reviewed:

    Getting your paper edited and peer reviewed by experts is a sure shot way of passing the assessment done by the editorial board of the concerned journal. Peer reviewers can judge the merit of your paper and suggest changes as needed to improve its quality.

    Prepare an impressive cover letter:

    Last, but not the least, the cover letter that you send along with the manuscript must be crisp and highlight the essential points of your work. You can take the help of professional writers for preparing the letter.

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