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  • Make a Good Dissertation in a Jiffy

    Time is running out and you are still far from completing your dissertation, the first advice to all those who are running against time is to not panic and take it easy. Getting anxious and panicky is the easiest thing to do and the most common behaviour to find in people when the deadline is […]

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    Emotions and Research, how to deal with them?

    Research is hard and it burns you out.  Statistics reveal that a large number of scholars, pursuing PhD, quit half way itself. The reasons can be many, but the majority leaves because of frustration with their thesis and research challenges. There is something that you must know before you step into a doctoral program. Some […]

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    Some easy part time job options for doctoral students

    In a long journey of doctoral studies, a stage of such dilemma does occur where   the inflow of money isn’t just sufficient. With the shortage of time and the kind of commitments that a PhD demands, there isn’t much time or energy that is left for contributing in another job all together. But all doors […]

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    It is the commercial era, you need to promote your research!

    Researchers are always keen to publish their research but rarely do they think about promoting it. For the purpose of promotion they depend upon the most conventional and formative promotional tool, word of mouth. The selective few who make a deliberative attempt to promote their research are mostly looked down upon in the academic community. […]

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    Different motives for researchers to strive for publications

    Publishing is crucial for research and more often than not, a high priority for most of the researchers. All researchers know that they need to be publishing from time to time to be able to grow in the academia.  There can be different motives behind perpetually striving to publish something or the other. If you […]

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