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  • Get geared to face the challenges of doing a PhD: your preparation should be…..

    PhD is full of technical hurdles, sometimes financial bottlenecks that you may not have imagined in the preliminary stages. What is intangible but a big bottleneck are the psychological factors. You may have one the thorough preparation to put all he tangible aspects in place when you start your PhD but it is important to […]

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    The mental preparation you need before starting your PhD

    There are technical hurdles when writing a PhD, but there are more psychological hurdles actually. You may have all the tangibles in place when you start writing your thesis. You may also ensure that your topic, supervisor, methodology, equipment, reading material etc., all is perfectly placed but if you haven’t worked around your attitude, there […]

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    How to design the process for writing your research document?

    Writing the research paper requires you to have a certain process to follow. The way you design and follow the process is important as that determines the time span you would take to complete the document and helps you to identify the route you would take for the completion of your document.  Make sure that […]

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    Things you must never include in an abstract

    You abstract is a summary of your research and it has to be created effectively in the specified word limit. It is a challenge that you have to combine all important elements of your research into one paragraph which would be approximately 250 words or perhaps even less, can be very challenging. You must be […]

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