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    Once you have written a research paper, the next obvious step is of its submission to a suitable journal for publishing. However, you need to consider many factors before you do that. These factors make it a complicated task and call for assistance from experienced professionals. At Get Published, we offer support from the very first stage of choosing the right journal for you. It is highly important that you submit your work to a reputed journal that can give you the right audience. Thus, we help you in finalizing a journal that can do justice to your paper.

    Further, we offer dedicated service for the submission of research papers, which is handled by our team of experts. Our expert professionals include academic writers, editors, consultants, subject matter experts, illustrators, and peer reviewers. Our service includes four major aspects, namely peer review, cover letter development, drafting the abstract, and drafting the response letter. You may take assistance in specific areas or can avail the entire submission service. This will help you stay away from all the stress of getting your research paper published in a high impact factor journal. We always aim at delivering high-quality support services at cost-effective rates. Check out how our comprehensive service helps you at each step.

    Let us have a look at all these aspects in detail:

    • Your cover letter is drafted as per the style guidelines of the targeted journal and using rich language.
    • The names of all co-authors, reviewers, and people who have contributed to the research are mentioned.
    • The research statement and importance of your study are mentioned clearly.
    • Your cover letter will also include any declarations and clarifications required regarding the concerned research work.
    • We design your cover letter clearly, concisely, and accurately. We make sure that it is flawless in terms of format and language.

    OOur cover letter writers have had their own papers published in reputed journals. Hence, they are aware of the nuances of writing a perfect cover letter. They not only structure your letter well, but also make it appealing for target readers. Our aim is to display the real significance and contribution of your work in your cover letter so it can motivate a journal editor to go deeper into your research paper. For a persuasive cover letter that is designed according to the goals of your chosen journal, contact us by writing at

    • Follows the word count limit and is succinct enough
    • Tells about the objectives of your research and the contribution it will make to the concerned field of knowledge and to the society at large
    • Is written as per the prescribed style of language and formatting
    • Gives the research statement and issues to be solved through your research
    • Briefly tells about the methodology used and the expected conclusion of your study
    • Has a proper structure and is cohesive

    For writing an abstract perfectly, we need to study your entire research work to understand its various aspects. Hence, you need to provide us the final draft of your report, as well as any supporting documents and reference lists while availing our service. After going through your work, we develop a structured and meaningful abstract that only leaves a good impression on your readers. To know more about our service of drafting the abstract, send us an email at

    • Transparency and clarity in your letter
    • Adherence to the rules that are set down by the specific journal regarding presentation and formatting
    • Making sure that the changes are made in your paper as per the comments received from reviewers and editors, as well as highlighting the important changes
    • Give citations for all references
    • Any objections to the given comments to be presented politely

    We help you develop clear and effective response letters that show your sincerity towards being published in a journal. We give you a flawless letter written using carefully chosen words. To help us prepare your response letter, send us all the comments and suggestions received, as well as the final copy of your paper that has been submitted to the concerned journal. To get details on this service, you may email us at

    Apart from the above-mentioned services, we do a final check of your paper to ensure that it has relevant headings and sub-headings. We also ensure that it follows the pagination and formatting rules and has all the necessary clearances and permissions from the concerned authorities. Thus, we ensure your paper is submitted to and accepted by a journal with high impact factor.

    Our prices are competitive and affordable for submission services. We charge $200 for the submission of a manuscript to three journals. In case you opt for cover letter development, the charges will be $350 for three submissions and you will receive a submission report.

    To avail our submission service for your research paper, get in touch with our team now and take a step forward towards being published successfully. You may also contact us at

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  • Since I was not sure which journals to send my paper to, I decided to take professional help. The consultants at Get Published guided me in a personalized manner, understood the nuances of my paper, and picked out the most appropriate journals for me. I will get back for help with submission.