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    We understand that getting your research published is a tedious task. Even when you have completed your research and have its findings with you, getting it published may require additional skills of writing, formatting, and complying with a citation style. At Get Published, we are dedicated to help you in completing your manuscript and assisting you until its final acceptance by a chosen publication. Here is our list of services to help you with publication. You can choose our service at any step of your research publication. You may surf through our website to get more details on each of our services and contact us for further enquiries by writing at Whatever is your publishing issue, our professionals will have the most appropriate solution to that. Talk to them now.

    Identifying a relevant topic and research methods for a research paper

    Conducting research and analysis and writing a manuscript

    Finding a relevant journal for research and doing the final editing of a manuscript

    Formatting a manuscript as per journal guidelines and doing the pre-submission peer review of a manuscrip

    Making changes in a manuscript as per peer review and preparing a cover letter for a journal paper

    Submission of a paper in a journal and tracking the progress and comments from the journal

    Making changes in a manuscript as per an editor’s comments and developing a response letter for the editor(s) of a journal

    Editing a manuscript after doing the changes and handling the resubmission and tracking of progress