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  • Make a Good Dissertation in a Jiffy

    Time is running out and you are still far from completing your dissertation, the first advice to all those who are running against time is to not panic and take it easy. Getting anxious and panicky is the easiest thing to do and the most common behaviour to find in people when the deadline is approaching. But a panic stricken student will never be able to produce a quality dissertation, which will be appreciated by all.

    Some practical tips to make sure that your dissertation not just completes on time but is also well written and fetches you good scores, are:

    Set a plan for yourself: Starting to type whatever comes in your mind without having a plan in place is not a good idea.  The better your planning is, easier it becomes for you to put your learning and thought into words. To make a good plan, on a piece of paper, make a list of the days that you have in hand and what all you have to accomplish. Making a plan and sticking to it is a good way to achieve your goal.

    Make sure, your writing answers your question: A lot of students when they are writing in a hurry, lose track of the question that they are supposed to answer, the main objective of their research. If you keep forgetting your main question, it is a good idea to write it on a piece of paper and put it at a place where it keeps coming back to you as a reminder.

    Have a proper environment to work in:  You wouldn’t be able to bring out results of your effort, if your environment does not support your effort and it is not a conducive place to study. Give yourself a peaceful and quiet area where you can utilise the limited time that you have, in the best possible way.

    Make sure you revise well: How much ever less time you have, a good dissertation cannot be created in the first attempt. In the first stage, all writers write, without inhibitions of errors and mistake, so when they finish writing, they must check and revise their work.  Editing and proofreading is as important a task, as writing of dissertation is.

    Have a perfect Thesis Statement: Your thesis statement is a summary of your entire document. It has to be true and accurate, to the best possible level.

    If you take care of these things, even with the paucity of time, you can create a wonderful dissertation that would fetch you great grades.

    4 responses to “Make a Good Dissertation in a Jiffy”

    1. Promidini verma says:

      Informative post but i like to add something to the last point, that is, the thesis statement must summarise not more than one line. In fact, it should tell the single critical issue or opinion on which the extensive research has been conducted.

    2. Preet says:

      Very well written article!
      Dissertation becomes quite easy if you plan ahead.

    3. sapna says:

      dissertations are quite tough to crack…afterall they are the first step in academic writing

    4. Emily says:

      This is the best blog I have read to write my dissertation in a very limited time.

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