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  • It is the commercial era, you need to promote your research!

    Researchers are always keen to publish their research but rarely do they think about promoting it. For the purpose of promotion they depend upon the most conventional and formative promotional tool, word of mouth. The selective few who make a deliberative attempt to promote their research are mostly looked down upon in the academic community. But I think there isn’t anything wrong with promoting your research.  Rather it is something that should be encouraged. This is because many a times the most outstanding and ground breaking research tends to get lost in the midst of the ordinary because it doesn’t get enough promotion. You need to find and adopt some topical and useful ways of promoting your research. They are:

    Conventions: paper presentations at conventions has been an approach by many, for a long time to come. It gives the researcher an opportunity to showcase his research in a formal way and also at the same time indulge into informal discussion with other participants and researchers present there.  Participating in such events can further open the door to more promotional opportunities, such as media coverage.

    Interviews to journalists:  There is abundance of availability of scientific magazines, specific to almost all genres of research. In addition newspapers, television shows and magazines like to incorporate columns on current news. You need to be vigilant about the sources for publication that can be linked with your topic. Also keep in mind the reputation of the media before finalising it as a source of promotion. Also do ensure that whatever they decide to publish about your research, you get to check it and approve it before.

    Varied kinds of seminars: there are industrial seminars, academic seminars, university promotion seminars. Find  the seminars that are being conducted in your access zone and if you think they will be happy to give you a platform to exhibit your research because it is novel and constructively contributing, you must go ahead and get it done.

    Clubs and other groups:  your area would surely have a lot of local groups running with different interest zones. You just need to explore and find out. They can help you to get popularity, locally to begin with.

     The degree of exposure  you would get from each of these options would be varied and one cannot be certain about it  but the harder you try, better are the chances and this isn’t something that you do only  for yourself, rather it is equally beneficial for  the society because they get to know of the new developments  in research.

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      Nice artcle

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      Very well written!I found it really useful

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      good article!!

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      will abide this surely.

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