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    No research paper has chances of survival after submission to a journal if it is not formatted properly. In fact, the paper needs to have formatting as per journal style recommendations or guidelines. Proper formatting may not only enhance the presentation of your work, but may also improve its flow and readability. As readers are used to going through papers that follow specific formatting styles according to their academic fields, it becomes important that your work be formatted in harmony with the style used in your study area. Else, it creates discrepancies. When you submit an unformatted paper to a journal, it may not even consider your work unless it meets the required style or format

    Formatting your paper according to a particular journal’s style, standards, and guidelines will go a long way in ensuring a positive response from its editors. These criteria have to be met for your paper to be considered for further evaluation. No matter how well you have drafted your chapters or how authentic your research is, there are chances of rejection if formatting is improper. Thus, you should carefully go through your manuscript and ensure that it is formatted as per your chosen journal’s guidelines.

    Formatting includes the following major aspects:

    • Citation style
    • References (within chapters) and bibliography
    • Font used for the body text, headings and labeling
    • Format of the index
    • Sequence of sections, chapters and annexure
    • Presentation of tables, graphs and images
    • Margin width and in-text spacing
    • Bulleting and numbering
    • Indention, capitalization, use of highlighting or underlining

    Even if you miss any one aspect of formatting, it can have a negative impact on your paper’s evaluation. The layout of your document has to be perfected through multiple revisions. Different universities follow varied formatting styles.

    The prominent styles are:

    • APA
    • MLA
    • Turabian
    • Chicago

    While these are the most popular styles, there are others for specific disciplines, as mentioned above. Many journals also have their own versions to be followed for publication. Learning about the precise style and adapting it with perfection can be tough for any author. It can also consume a lot of time that the author may have invested in his/her research work. On the other hand, if you choose to avail our service for formatting as per journal style, then we will assign you professional editors and consultants who have the knowledge of all these formatting styles and who possess many years of experience in their fields of specialization.

    Moreover, they have got their own papers published in leading journals. They take care of the minutest details related to the formatting of an abstract, text body, tables, images, references, etc. With us, your work will be flawless, as well as fully consistent in terms of the format that your selected journal recommends. If you are submitting your paper to different journals, we can also modify your paper to meet their varied formatting styles. Thus, you can easily have differently formatted copies to submit to multiple journals. As we take care of every single aspect in detail, it raises the chances of approval for your work in the very first go. You can be sure of receiving high-quality service, well in time.


    We charge a fee of $5 per page for formatting. However, the minimum charge for formatting a manuscript is $100, irrespective of the number of pages.

    If you are unsure of the formatting style that you need to follow or want to correct your formatting mistakes, then you may click here to contact our team. We will be able to give you a meticulously formatted research paper that has high chances of being accepted. You may also get in touch with our team at

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