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    Make a Good Dissertation in a Jiffy

    Time is running out and you are still far from completing your dissertation, the first advice to all those who are running against time is to not panic and take it easy. Getting anxious and panicky is the easiest thing to do and the most common behaviour to find in people when the deadline is […]

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    Things you must never include in an abstract

    You abstract is a summary of your research and it has to be created effectively in the specified word limit. It is a challenge that you have to combine all important elements of your research into one paragraph which would be approximately 250 words or perhaps even less, can be very challenging. You must be […]

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    Why Writing Research Paper is a Herculean Task

    Often it is said that writing a research paper is a Herculean task! There are loads of activities associated with it. Library research, generating it with a thesis statement, filing bibliography information and what not! There are loads of work to be taken in account while submitting a research paper. Hence all such big projects […]

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    Getting in Touch to Get Published

    If you are into writing manuscripts, you will know very well, that the one struggle that every manuscript writer faces is the lack of knowledge about how he or she can get in touch with journals and successfully get their work published. It is important that you the important links that lead you to getting […]

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    5 steps to become a popular academic author

    Just getting published does not ensure that you will get success as an author. You have to choose a publication which has ample readership and will launch your work effectively. The objective of publishing a research paper is to gain maximum exposure for your scholarly work. To ensure that you attain your goal, keep in […]

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    Where Statistical Analysis cannot be used?

    By looking at most of the research based studies across the reputed journals in the field of economics and finance, it can be seen that the papers, which have been cited mostly by the researchers across the world, are majorly empirical in nature. From this argument, it is not that hard to believe that devoid […]

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    Prerequisites for Getting a Book Published

    Getting a book published can be quite a daunting task and requires a lot of patience. After the author has completed writing the book, he should try to contact either an agent or a publisher. The agent and the publisher are the two chief protagonists concerned in the business of publishing books. An agent has […]

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    Tips on getting your work published

    Most of the students want their paper to get published. But, getting your paper published is not any easy job. One should consider a number of things to prepare their research paper for publishing. There are maximum chances that your paper gets rejected after submitting it for publication. Basically, a research paper gets rejected during […]

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