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    How to Read and Summarize a Journal Article

    While summarizing a journal article, you would need to highlight and present a focus of the complete research study. This will give your readers an insight into the focus of the article. Writing and summarizing a journal article is a task that is common among researchers and students alike. Here is how you should read […]

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    Is quality more important than quantity?

    Yes quality is more important than quantity. Hundreds of pages of irrelevant information is of no use when the quality of the content is bad. Many of the students fail to understand that meaningful and quality information is required to obtain better grades and volumes of bad quality data can lead to rejection of dissertation […]

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    Guide to an Annotated Bibliography

    If the world of academic and research writing is being looked at, then it can be experienced that in order to build up a strong theoretical foundation for a research based study. Researchers repeatedly look into the existing body of literature, and in that way, they strive to place their works in the stream of […]

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    How To Get Your Academic Paper Published

    If academic research work and writing is your passion, then you will no doubt wish to see your work in print in a reputed journal. However, getting published is not an easy task as many have found out. There are a number of hurdles you would have to overcome and getting meeting the high standards […]

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    The challenges of getting published

    Writing as well as attempting to publish research is a necessary part of an analyst’s professional life. Notwithstanding, academic writing is not each scientist’s forte; moreover, the obstructions of making commentators acknowledge the discoveries are nerve-wrecking. Submission of a composition to a journal is a major step and news of acknowledgement from the editor is […]

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